USAID in Moldova and Romania-Projects and Endorsements

Dexis News
Linking wine, apparel and technology firms into global value chains, 3/2006
Over 20 Moldavian firms in the wine, clothing and ICT industry will connect with leading buyers in Romania, Bulgaria, and Western Europe as a result of a market linkages activity implemented by industry veterans working with Dexis in Chisnau, Moldova.”Caroline is unmatched in her knowledge of wine”, said Doug Griffith, Chief of Party of CEED,”and I was especially impressed with Philip,…a great guy who calls it like it is.”The activity, funded under the USAID-financed Competitiveness Enterprise Enhancement and Development, is part of a wider program that is helping local firms re-brand their product line, achieve international certification and link to global value chains in their industry.Dexis is the enterprise competitiveness sub-contractor to Chemonics International on USAID/Moldova CEED (2005-2008).

Look here for another news item on one of my quality assurance projects for USAID in Moldova

And here for details of the Moldovan Wine Sector Report I co-authored

And here for item on workshops I led jointly on the UK Market for Moldovan wineries

News report on seminar I co-led at the London wine fair 2008

USAID sponsored project in Romania – brief details here

and feedback on my visit and presentation to the Romanian wine industry


1 Response to USAID in Moldova and Romania-Projects and Endorsements

  1. Petru Alexei says:

    Dear Caroline,
    In my quality as Consul of the Republic of Moldova in the United Kingdom I would like to express my gratitude for your interest on the topics related to Republic of Moldova.

    I would like to bring to your attention that in October 2012 in Chisinau will be held the Wine Festival. Moldovan authorities are interested in inviting foreign journalists and experts to witness the event in the period from 5th to 10th October 2012, and then to share their observations with foreign audience. Moldovan authorities with the support of USAID will cover the costs of the trip (transport, accommodation, meals) for ten journalists with the most successful profile. A USAID Committee will be created to choose the winners.

    If you are interested in taking this opportunity, please do let me know. Of course you will have to send me you profile (biographic note, your works, etc. and why the Committee should choose you).


    Petru Alexei
    First Secretary
    Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
    5 Dolphin Square
    Edensor Road
    Chiswick, London W4 2ST
    Tel. 0208 995 6818
    Fax. 0208 995 6927

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