The New Face of Central and Eastern Europe

I started my career in 1988 as a wine buyer for Augustus Barnet and Bass Plc ( 550 wine shops, 4,500 pubs and over 20,000 free trade accounts at the time).  One of my earliest buying roles was Eastern Europe and I was almost certainly the first major wine buyer in the UK to take on a Hungarian range (from Nagyrede)for both wine shops and as house wine for Toby restaurants. I was also lucky enough to travel to this part of Europe just after the Iron Curtain came down, giving me a great perspective on how the wine industries have transformed since their rebirth from communist state-run behemoths into  today’s private  and much more quality-orientated operations.

As a writer, I contribute to Tom Stevenson’s Wine Report ( 2004 to 2009.) , Oxford Companion to Wine ( 2008.) and Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Book (2009), and write for Decanter, Harpers, Wine Business International, Drinks Business and .

You can read PDFS of my chapters in Wine Report here:

Eastern & SE Europe 2009 wr2009_eseeurope

Viticulture 2009 ( co-authored with Richard Smart) uk_381-387_viticulture

Eastern & SE Europe 2008 uk_203-214_eseeurope 

Viticulture 2008 uk_382-387_viticulture

Eastern & SE Europe 2007 wd126_203-215_eastern_31bb

Viticulture 2007 wd126_380-386_viticulture 

Eastern & SE Europe  2006 uk_201-213_eseeuropeqxd 

Viticulture 2006 uk_378-385_viticultureqxd

Eastern & SE Europe  2005 195-205_ese-euro2005

Viticulture 2005 369-377_viticltreqxd2005



2 Responses to The New Face of Central and Eastern Europe

  1. Hans Stok says:

    It’s a very big pity that Tom Stevenson had to stop with his marvalous yearly Wine Report.
    Can somebody do something about that ?!

    • carolinegilby says:

      I know Tom has been trying hard to revive Wine Report – but sadly without luck so far. A shame for me too as I enjoyed writing for it, even if I didn’t get as much space as I felt the wine regions i was covering deserved.

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