London International Wine Fair 2009

A very busy event for me with  2 seminars every day presenting the wonderful and individual wines produced by members of the Family Estates of Slovenia. These guys all own vineyards and make  wine from their own grapes.  Slovenia has some exciting terroirs with the East showing wonderful vibrant whites with mouthwatering crispness and precise aromatics, capable of giving New Zealand a run for its money. 

The west is more Italian-influenced and arguably has the best hillside sites of Collio.  The trend for macerated whites  (made like red wines) has really taken hold here and done well it can make exciting richly flavoured and long lived whites (Try Marjan Simcic’s wines or Scurek’s Stara Bradja 2007).

I also presented twice everyday on the new face of Bulgaria highlighting the significant changes and developments in the sector.  A major change has been in attitude – from wineries who used to believe grapes grew in the back of trucks, to wineries owning vineyards and understanding that control of fruit quality is critical.  I also showed off a selection of Bulgaria’s unique local grapes – Mavrud, Rubin, Melnik and Misket.

As Richard Congreve of Heartfelt Communications said:

“I learned more in 30 minutes with you than in a couple of years
of trawling around tastings and reading supplements.  Thank you.”


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