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Think Pink

Some thoughts on the rise of serious rosé and the options for making wine pink, written for the Wine Society blog. http://www.thewinesociety.com/guides-winemaking-drink-pink?utm_source=list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=latest_news_20170811&utm_content=cta_link2_b&LogValue=http://content.email.thewinesociety.com/?IDQa.8xgZrPdWfJ3x7qyxOwTYpkENiatI& Advertisements

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The Waiting Game

How wines age or why they don’t.  Part one takes look at tannins and polyphenolic compounds with a focus on red wines as that is where most of the research has been done to date Written for The Wine Society blog http://www.thewinesociety.com/guides-winemaking-how-wines-age

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