Hungarian wines in the UK – a bit of a mystery

Trying to find reliable stats on Hungarian wines sold in the UK is proving to be impossible. Government data is in accurate, and probably confused by some shipments going via Germany ( for instance Lidl volumes) or appearing in multi-country brands like I Heart.

A little more on the topic here in a short article for the Wine of Hungary newsletter.

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2 Responses to Hungarian wines in the UK – a bit of a mystery

  1. Not only that, Caroline, but it’s very difficult to actually find good (reasonably priced – you know, like you might pay in Somlo…) Hungarian wine here. I recently saw someone comment on a major supermarket’s website that they could no longer buy Tokaji from them. Shame. To be honest, the solution is to drive there ourselves!! (I’m happy to do guided tours 🙂 )

    • carolinegilby says:

      There are a few specialist importers now ( Wine Of Hungary, Malux Hungarian Food and Wine for instance) and Lidl has some interesting wines when they do their wine cellar offers on Hungary. But a big problem is that the UK is a high duty and high retail margin market, and Hungarians mostly don’t understand that they have to export at significantly lower prices than they are used to getting at home.

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