Vinistra 2016

I’ve been president of the judging for the Vinistra wine competition for three years now.  Here is a little youtube video of what it’s all about.  I appear ( speaking in English at around 2.45mins in

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2 Responses to Vinistra 2016

  1. Lidija Biro says:

    I found your comment on Teran quite interesting. Do you think it is too acidic and lacking in complexity to compete on an international level?

  2. carolinegilby says:

    I think it’s a mixture of things – aside from the name issue (which is a sad and rather silly situation in my opinion). Personally speaking I find the vibrancy of a good Teran is great and it can certainly develop nice complexity. and can be sublime with the right food matches. But often the grape can make wines that are very acidic and rather austere. I’ve also seen that UK consumers find the style difficult to appreciate when I’ve shown examples at tastings. Pricing is another concern – good ones are quite expensive when put in a global context, especially in high duty markets

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