Along the Blue Danube

Some pictures from my recent Blue Danube masterclass at VinCE 2014 in Budapest.  The idea was to show a wine from every country that the Danube flows through or meets ( with two exceptions – Hungary because it would have been far too political to choose just one wine, and Ukraine because I don’t know enough about the wine scene there.)

We went from superb German Riesling ( Egon Muller Scharzhof QBA 2011) to Slovakia for Riesling again, this time Chateau Bela 2012, then onto Serbia for Triumf Barrique 2012 from Aleksandrovic, then Croatia for Ilocki Podrumi Principovac Grasevina.

The red line up began with Saybritz Blaufrankisch from Weninger in Austria, then Borovitza Black Pack Gamza from North West Bulgaria.  Next up was Domaine Ceptura red 2009 (a blend based on Feteasca Neagra) from Davino in Romania and then finally Negru de Purcari 2010 from Moldova, (Cab Sauv, Saperavi, Rara neagra and famously the only wine exported with an english label during Soviet times as apparently our Royal family and a taste for it. )

A pretty exciting line up and a clear illustration of the range of wine styles, countries and cultures that can be found along Europe’s second longest river ( beaten only by the Volga)


blue danbe masterclass_13 blue danbe masterclass_11 blue danbe masterclass_10 blue danbe masterclass_01

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